Our Transformation

For those around early enough to remember, In-Powered’s initial tone was that we naively attempted to be all things to all people. We led yoga programs for schools, community health centers, a prison, juvenile probation centers, a center for the elderly, yoga for people displaced and homeless, yoga for parents, yoga for veterans, yoga for athletes, and others.

To say that our organization consciously “hugged in” over the last three years is a massive understatement. And, while our work has now reach an critical turning point, our purpose continues to stand whole-heartedly on the notion that performing “One Significant Act” has the power to make life easier, happier and richer for our fellow humans.

The beautiful irony in this practice is that the students, inmates and teachers we’ve served have ended up heal us in the long run. In our minds, there’s no possibility of being “In-Powered” without the action of “One Significant Act”.

What this has looked like for us over the years is: seeing a teenaged yogini acknowledge that she can love her body; hugging and laughing with an incarcerated friend; seeing a teacher let out a sigh of relief after a practice; or, watching a group teachers vulnerably share what they’ve been dealing with in their lives.
I’m absolutely ecstatic to share a few powerful ways In-Powered will be transforming to generate our future:

The INP Institute: The INP Institute will serve as the new headquarters and generative space for our future work, including Teacher Training, community workshops, board & steering committee meetings, volunteer engagement, etc. The INP Institute is a larger home with a massive amount of character in the Montrose area that will serve as a center for community.

Training Teachers to Lead: While our past work has oriented around launching programs, INP will now focus on leading trainings through the INP Institute that will allow teachers and schools to integrate school programs powerfully. Then, once school programs are rooted, INP leaders will draw from student pools to create subsequent teen teacher trainings. In essence, our approach will support a truly “grassroots” approach within schools, rather than throwing programs and outside teachers at schools.

New Website: In-Powered is also launching a new website platform that mirrors the future direction of our work around training & development to grow programs. Our website will serve a number of powerful intentions – namely, to connect in-house teachers and students to training and development; connect local supporters and teachers to our cause; and, support an online development hub for INP-trained teachers.

We Can Only Do This With You!

We believe it’s absolutely critical to acknowledge each and every friend, servant and partner who has helped to bring us to this point. We’re extremely grateful for the fact that we’ve been able to grow and flourish due to your contribution, your intention, and your action.
My intention is that this blog also signals a call-to-action for your future involvement. More aptly, as our co-founder, Roger Rippy, always says, “We can only do this with you.”
Our leaders will continue to define and share the exact roles, needs and services possible through our new headquarters, but we’re looking for a dedicated team who is ready to co-create something that has never existed before – Houston’s premiere hub serving teachers and student through school-based yoga and mindfulness training.


In the very near future, INP will also allow you to connect your contributions directly to support an individual training, teacher, student and/or program to make a difference for the schools, teachers, and students we serve.
If you’re interested in being a part of our service team, please contact me directly at [email protected] to learn more. We’re ready to build and deepen relationships with local business owners, yoga educators, principals, educators, students, and volunteers to grow the In-Powered Institute.
Much love and In-Power On!
Dan Houston

Executive Director, In-Powered by One Significant Act