Our Transformation For those around early enough to remember, In-Powered’s initial tone was that we naively attempted ...
There are multiple ways you can support us in our efforts to nourish and bolster school communities through yoga and min...
In-Powered (INP) is thrilled to offer our first in-house 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training. This training is specifically d...
We are committed to identifying and drawing funding sources to supplement your program costs. We will also assist by hel...


  1. Gary Rodriguez $3,300.00
  2. KIPP Zenith $2,500.00
  3. Gulden Esat $1,760.00
  4. YogaOne Studios $1,350.00
  5. KIPP ZENITH Academy $1,000.00
  6. Johns Family $889.00
  7. Valerie Jalufka $700.00
  8. Tiffany Steele $550.00
  9. Maura Scott Berger $500.00
  10. Shirley Taloff $400.00