Mantra: YOGA + HEALTH Magazine Launch

In-Powered founders featured in Mantra YOGA + HEALTH Magazine Launch


Dan and Cristina Houston, Co-Founders, In-Powered by One Significant Act

Yoga has helped us heal our own misconceptions about what yoga is, what yoga is not, and what yoga can be. Yoga has guided us through and past our fears of the unknown and of “it” not working. As we continue on this adventure together, we know yoga can and always will bring us back to our center.


Roger and Albina Rippy, YogaOne Studios and In-Powered by One Significant Act

Yoga helps us heal our marriage and our parenting whenever we are out of alignment with our values. We use the principles we learn through the practice of yoga and put them into action every day in every way. Yoga is not something we do, it is something we live. Yoga encourages us to feel, which allows us to heal.

ABC13 Health & Fitness

Yoga Used to Help Students Learn Control Over Their Lives

InPowered is at the cutting edge of implementing yoga in schools.  In collaboration with InPowered and participating schools, my research team at the University of Houston has been involved in evaluating some high quality yoga programs offered by InPowered.  I am also excited about the education being provided by InPowered.  One of the highlights of the year was presenting a teacher development workshop with my InPowered colleagues.  I look forward to continue working with InPowered to explore effective, evidence-based approaches to school-based yoga and mindfulness that make a positive difference for students and teachers.

Dr. Brad Smith
Co-Director of University of Houston’s Educational Psychology Ph.D. Program

I have been involved with In-Powered for a little over a year now. Over the course of that time I have had the opportunity and privilege to teach and participate in both the YES prep and prison yoga programs. Aside from the personal benefit that comes from serving it is evident to me through the feedback we receive from the staff, as well as from conversations with the students at YES and the men in our penal system, that the work In-Powered is doing is having a substantive positive effect on their day to day experience. I am convinced that In-Powered is bringing some of the highest leverage tools and practices available to bring wholeness to our education system and disrupt the school to prison pipeline in the greater Houston community.

Yoga Instructor & Dedicated In-Powered Volunteer

In-Powered has offered invaluable mindfulness training at our school professional development that has helped me to ease testing anxiety for my students.

They have responded positively to the breathing and meditation exercises I bought into the classroom following the training session. Additionally, the yoga classes In-Powered offered to teachers on campus have helped me stop to take time for myself. Self-care can so often fall to the wayside in a profession that is all about helping others, but it’s critical for me if I want to perform to the best of my ability and be fully present for my Littles. Thank you Dan Houston and In-Powered for all you do for schools, teachers and students!

KIPP Middle School Academy Teacher

Daily I find myself in awe that this is my life, that this is my job, that the universe gave me exactly what I articulated.

Nearly a year and a half ago I was overweight, depressed and incredibly confused. I knew these things were just symptoms of
a larger problem: I was on the wrong path. I was not following my true North. I attended law school was to represent youth who do not have the power to legally advocate for their own needs.  However, I found myself practicing private family law.

In the depth of my confusion I realized that the fix was merely to return to my passion, but I was unclear of how to get there.
I did some visualization and wrote some goal lists with large and small life goals. In this list I included “working with youth,” “working for an organization I believe in,” and “become a certified yoga instructor.”  I had no idea how any of these would manifest but I was certain they were what I needed.

In the midst of this realization, YES Prep Public Schools reached out to me with an immediate need to fill a position at their impressive school.  I truly believed in the mission of closing the achievement gap and signed on within 3 days.  I fell in love immediately with my career change and huge life shift.

Dan Houston appeared in my life while I was blossoming into my old self.  He requested my assistance because of a project with youth I was involved in outside of school.  He explained his program and I didn’t hesitate to tell him that not only did I love yoga and have a dream to be an instructor one day but that I also worked at a school within his target demographic for In-Powered.  We began conspiring with the universe and today I teach 4 sections of middle school history and 2 sections of yoga to nearly
60 high school students at YES.   The students inspire me with their bravery and open-mindedness. Daily I find myself in awe that this is my life, that this is my job, that the universe gave me exactly what I articulated.

Stacy Cash
Lead In-Powered Teacher at Yes Prep - North Central

I am so grateful for the work that In-Powered is doing to provide young people with unique and life-changing experiences.

I have had the privilege of collaborating with In-Powered on a couple of different occasions, and each time, I have been overwhelmingly impressed by the impact their program has. The first time we worked together was with a group of girls in the Harris County probation system. These are girls who are either not aware of or have a stereotypical impression of yoga. The setting was challenging as it was small and time was limited, but In-Powered was able to work flawlessly within the confines of the situation to provide the participants with a powerful experience. The girls asked every week if we could do yoga again and while there were always giggles and challenges, the majority of the girls were given an incredible toolbox to draw from in their own lives – a way to control their anger and change the way they address the challenges they face. At the conclusion of only 4 weeks with the girls, there were even a few that wanted to become yoga instructors.

The other interaction I have had with In-Powered was an intensive weekend of yoga with a select number of girls from Montgomery County probation. This was an intimate encounter with a group who would otherwise have never had this type
of opportunity. The weekend was an amazing experience for the girls, the instructors and even the probation officers who attended. They were challenged not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Simply from the beginning of a yoga session to the end, the girls’ mental states were noticeably calmer and more receptive. At the conclusion of the weekend,
they were more willing to try a number of different things – encounters with each other, talking about their futures, and even simply what food they would eat! In-Powered provided a wonderfully supportive and peaceful environment for the girls to
step extremely far outside of their comfort zones and learn new skills and ways to approach life. Visibly skeptical at first,
the girls left engaged and smiling. I am so grateful for the work that In-Powered is doing to provide young people with unique and life-changing experiences.

Kendra Penry
Retreat participant

Serving with INP is such a privilege, because it gives me opportunities to witness the light that comes into a person’s eyes in that moment when they catch a glimpse of a bigger version of themselves: seeing what amazing beings they are, and how much they have to offer.

 Yoga is such a powerful tool for expanding one’s sense of self worth, and through service [with INP] I have the joy of sharing what yoga has given me with others.

Heather Klinger

Partnering with and teaching for INP has fueled and propelled my deepest desires to continue the service of introducing the power of yoga to any and all populations and exhibiting how the practice can empower and heal people no matter their circumstances.

Jennifer Plessner
In-Powered partner & volunteer

Serving with In-Powered reignited my passion for teaching and deepened my sense of “belonging.”

It is a rare and sacred thing to feel so supported by others, but there is the mission of In-Powered and they deliver on that promise.

Stacey Ramsower
Training facilitator & volunteer

I was profoundly moved and inspired by my experience at the Prison.

It was qualitatively different and much more powerful than I had imagined. I’m sure that others share this fundamental miscalculation of what it’s all about and what kind of energy is cultivated in the room.

Brett Alt
In-Powered prison volunteer